Ask a Swammi Swan
What is the hummingfishes favourite song to sing?

Oh my goodness, that is a very hard question to answer…

See, out of all the creatures, the humming fish are the most musical. They can sing just a few days after they hatch, and each fish has a different voice. I haven’t come across two humming fish with the same voice ever.

With each unique voice comes a unique taste for music. I’ve heard… how do you humans say it. I’ve heard ‘pop’ music… ‘rocking’ music… heck, even a older humming fish I met loved to sing something called ‘Polka’!

Each fish has a natural preference in music, but if one starts up a song, you can bet any fish that hear it will sing along no matter the kind.

It can get pretty noisy during the summer months.

aww hey there little buddy! arent you cute!!! want a marshmallow???

Yes please!!

You birds are SO beautiful.

Oh please…

Such flattery…


*honks in her sleep and rolls over in her nest*

Quack!! Quack!! ^^ *Snuggling her*

Hooooonk <3 *fluffs the baby’s feathers gently*

Are male and female Swammi Swans the same color or different?

We’re almost identical, which makes it a bit hard to tell us apart. Sometimes we even have a problem telling each other apart…

As far as it goes in differences, females have longer tail feathers than males, and males don’t have the long eyelashes we females do.

Other than that everything’s the same, down to colour and size.

Quack Quack!!! ^^ *hugging her*

Honk! <3 *hugs tightly*

Are there any other animals living here besides the Barbaloots and Hummingfish?

Nope! Well, besides the Lorax and the Once-ler,  but those two I wouldn’t really call ‘animals’. All the animals in this valley are unique to this valley. We Swammi swans were the last to ‘arrive’ in this valley. 

The Humming Fish have been here since forever. No one knows HOW  long that is. Then came the Barbaloots, then us Swans. Since we don’t have any books or any records, we aren’t exactly sure. Just… it’s been a very long time.

We do have common insects and stuff though, like dragonflies, ants, ladybugs, stuff like that. 

Seeing that everyone is getting along, i'm guessing there are no predators around?

Yeah, surprisingly there are no predators in this valley. All the animals have adapted to eating the truffula fruit which is in abundance for most of the year. The fish even eat it! 

Of course all the animals have different things to eat and do during the winter. Barbaloots hibernate just like I’ve heard other bears do, and the fish go into a sort of stasis - they don’t need to eat very much and get very sluggish till the warm weather comes. 

We Swammi Swans don’t hibernate or anything - we eat the grickle-grass that grows year-round. It thrives under harsh conditions, so it’s abundant during the winter. 

How many eggs can a normal Swammi Swan lay?

Normally we lay only one egg, two on the rare occasion. Our eggs are fairly large, so a nest can only handle so many eggs before they spill out! 

I’ve never heard of a swammi swan laying more than two eggs. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to take care of three cygnets! I know I was a little terror as a youngling.